Camel Calculator

Here you can calculate how many camels your girlfriend or boyfriend is worth. But first we need some information about the person.

Camels as currency?

In fact, camels as currency are said to come from Islam. At that time, not only camels, but also cows and silk robes were equated with a human life. Accordingly, a believing man was said to be worth up to 100 camels, and a believing woman about half that. At least this is how it was mentioned in the Koran. Therefore, the idiom of exchanging someone for camels has persisted to this day.

Fun facts about camels

Camels can drink for up to 38 minutes without stopping, taking in up to 135 liters of water. No wonder they are known as the "water reservoirs of the desert".
Camels have third eyelids that help protect their eyes from sand and dust. These eyelids are semi-transparent and allow camels to see their surroundings while protecting their eyes.
Camels are very talented flatulence machines. They produce so much gas in their digestive tract that they can fill entire tents with an unpleasant odor.

How does the camel calculator work?

The camel calculator is designed like a quiz and calculates as a result how many camels you are worth. Based on your information about various characteristics such as age, size and hair color, the number of camels that you, your partner or your friends are worth is calculated. The results are not serious and are for entertainment purposes only.